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Anonymous Asked: what's your instagram?

jujubearr :D sorry late reply. havent been on tumblr in a while

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K I’m up 😁 … Now what 😐 #fail #gay #bored #misshim

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I should probably get up and enjoy the weather 😅☀️ #goodmorning #sleepyhead #nofilter #gay #eyebags #dayoff

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Anonymous Asked: You are my ideal guy! Just wanna randomly tell you that :P

awe shucks ^^ why thank you:)

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Anonymous Asked: where do you shop the most? i love your pants from your instagram photo where you hash tagged topshop while you were in a peacoat, where did you get those pants!! :)

i do most of my shopping at my work haha. and thank you, they’re from topman as well :D tweed joggers! weird combination  

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Anonymous Asked: Hey it's your follower from a while back I talked to you about your red hair. lol. Do you follow back everyone that followed you on instagram?

oh wow :) uhm depends tbh haha 

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Call in the science side of tumblr!

hydrophobic sand 

(via pnoiknight)

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