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Anonymous Asked: I've known u since the opening of Topman before leaving after 2months. Boy.

lol omg TELL MEE! 

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Anonymous Asked: someone who worked with you in Topman :) we used to chat when there was slow customer traffic

OG? girl or boy?

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Anonymous Asked: You're hot in person

oh my word O.o thank you:)? who is this??

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Anonymous Asked: hello former fellow coworker :) looks like your doing good since the last time i talked to you. good to see ^^

O___O  who is this? lol thank you?

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First day back, not bad ✊😊 #armday #dayoff #gym #noodlearms

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Anonymous Asked: You're a Leo too? When's your birthday?

Hahah it jist passed. July 25:)

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After 2 days of dreary weather. It finallly cleared up on my birthday :D #whatluck #23 #gay #leo #sleepybutt #misshim #goodmorning #backtobed

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Anonymous Asked: what's your instagram?

jujubearr :D sorry late reply. havent been on tumblr in a while

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K I’m up 😁 … Now what 😐 #fail #gay #bored #misshim

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I should probably get up and enjoy the weather 😅☀️ #goodmorning #sleepyhead #nofilter #gay #eyebags #dayoff

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